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About Howden Thomassen Compressor

Howden thomassen compressors has a proud reputation for providing high quality, tailor-made compressors for the oil, gas, chemical and refining industries. The compressors we produce become integral parts of complex processes by building up detailed knowledge of the applications that our equipment is used in, we are able to design, manufacture, install, maintain and upgrade compressors that are perfectly matched to their duties. By incorporating performance monitoring systems, we ensure they deliver maximum lifetime efficiency and reliability. Our mission is to provide a complete package covering every aspect of compressor operation, and to tailor our products and services to the precise needs of each individual customer because each new situation demands a unique response.

At The Forefront of Innovation.

Each compressor we build is precision engineered to a unique specification that delivers outstanding reliability, excellent performance, high efficiency and low maintenance costs. In addition to ensuring that every single component is designed for strength and durability, we have introduced several of the most significant innovations in compressor technology. Our teams of highly skilled specialists have a single objective: to provide you with the best possible compressors. Fully experienced in every aspect of compressor technology, from installation, maintenance and repair to re-rating and rebuilding existing equipment, they work in close co-operation with your in-house engineers to achieve the highest levels of dependability and performance. 

Burton CorblinŽ P-Series of API618 Reciprocating Compressors
Thomassen C-Series of API618 Reciprocating Compressors
Burton CorblinŽ H-Series of Hybrid Compressors
Burton CorblinŽ D-Series of Diaphragm Compressors
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